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We have the richest French courses available, from toddlers to adults, from great beginner levels to expert levels, from general French classes to specialized ones (conversation, written and oral expression, DELF/DALF exam preparation course and more).

Meet Rouvière

Rouvière Teixeira is a French native teacher since 1998. He holds a diploma FLE (French foreign language) from Alliance Française of Paris. He taught French in numerous countries such as France, Spain, Belgium and Switzerland. Rouvière taught in Singapore since 2012.

Rouvière‘s passion for teaching is evident through the interaction he has with anyone. He will apply this passion into whichever enterprise he chooses to undertake. Rouvière will go above and beyond what is necessary to succeed in his endeavour and exceed his client's expectations.

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Courses, Pricing and Timing

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Adult general French classes

Once a week classes:

Saturday morning
Saturday afternoon
2pm – 5pm

Sunday morning
Sunday afternoon

Twice a week classes:

Monday & Wednesday:
Tuesday & Thursday:
Tuesday & Thursday:

Teenagers and Kids general French classes

Once a week – 1.5h or 2h:

Saturday: morning

Here’s what some our students have to say

Rouviere is a very friendly teacher who seeks to personalise each lesson to his student’s preferences.

Being also flexible, I was able to re-schedule some of my sessions with me even at the last minute.

Sorry Rouviere but thanks for accommodating to my busy schedule.

Lastly, he is indeed a master in French and I sure hope more can be positively impacted by his teaching of, not just the language, but his proud culture as well.

Andy- Principal Trainer, Consultant

Monsieur Rouviere Teixeira has been tutoring my daughter Uttara for more than two years in French. She is a student of IGCSE and was relatively new to French when we sought M.Rou’s services.
She describes him as an amazing teacher – always punctual, patient, passionate and humourous. In particular, he sharpened her understanding of grammar. Her school teacher says she now writes the most grammatically correct prose in her grade. He was also very diligent when she had to take oral exams, involving listening and comprehension tests, making her listen and decipherer dozens of videos from youtube.

She is now a very confident student of French, and it is entirely owing to M.Rou.

Vidya- Deputy editor, Reuters News

My son was a complete newcomer to the language, and the support & guidance that he received from Monsieur Rouviere immensely helped him not only in gaining an appreciation for the language, but also attain a degree of proficiency to the extent that he’s now the top performer in his class.
Whilst my son does have a natural flair for languages, it is to be emphasised that Monsieur Rouviere recognized that flair, and stretched him by administering concepts that were well and truly beyond the specific asks within the syllabus @ school.

My son is now able to work independently without any support, and is quite confident that the coaching he’s received over the past 12 months would stand him in good stead in the higher class(es).


I am a Singaporean citizen working for IBM Corporation as Head of Marketing, Asia Pacific for the Cloud Division. We have two school going children who study French as their second language and we have enlisted Mr Rouviere Teixeria as a private tutor for the last two years. Mr Teixeria is a skilled teaching professional with an innovative teaching style that engages the students in a fun way and our kids look forward to his sessions. We highly recommend his services and vouch for his high professional standards.

Charles- IBM Head of Marketing

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