NPS International

French for NSP, GIIS, UWC students

Read fluently, Write effectively, present with confidence and learn with passion!!! Languages Agogo presents term long courses for your child to be successful in his or her academic pursuits. Learn by doing and learn while having fun. Let your child be confident articulate and expressive.

Rouviere is a qualified French-speaking professor who holds a diploma in French as a foreign language from the Alliance française de Paris. In Singapore since 2012 Rouvière specializes in teaching French to students in the GIIS, NPS and UWC schools. He has French courses from great beginner levels to advance level.

Rouviere's has years of experience teaching students from various schools. Through the process of refinement, his classes teaching methodology have been tailored for International school's educational system. His style of teaching is both engaging and interactive. For those who want their child to succeed in their grades, Engage Rouviere to have a personalised tuition.